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Merging media art, biology and philosophy, my art challenges what it means to be human. Created in a laboratory using methods borrowed from microbiology and molecular biology, my work presents a thoroughly entangled multispecies humanity. Going beyond anthropocentrism, my visual pieces and living installations reveal the inter-dependency relations and co-becoming fates from which we emerge.

Spill your Guts

Currently working on...

A molecular biology project that redefines the human species

Where Species Meet

An interspecies communication experience


Exploring the materiality of film in contact with microscopic life



A second Earth is not an option


A human-microbiota collaborative series

The Species Barrier

Exploring transpecies biological exchanges


How our microbiota redefines human boudaries 

Microbiota's Song

Interactive piece for microorganisms

Bouton modern times 2.jpg

The New Modern Times

A tabloid that plays on our fears to help demystify biotech


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