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The MicroScapes series is a fusing of biomedia art and photography. Through these artworks, I create an image of reality by using the biological potential of the film in contact with life itself: that way, I "grow" an image on my negative instead of "taking" a picture. By interlacing this way my creative process with the tools and techniques of the scientific laboratory, I achieve a unique trace of reality: that of the microorganisms that impregnate our world, humans included.


The resulting artworks bring forth a reality that only exist at the outermost limit of our senses… Indeed, microorganisms, by their presence in and on everything, profoundly shape our macroscopic reality in ways still misunderstood. Thus, with this series, I wish to raise awareness on the significant otherness of all of our non-human companions, without which the world as we know it could not exist...

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